Here at BatteryAZ we strive to provide the most up to date content, concerning the world of batteries! We cover a huge amount of topics, including :

  • The correct maintaining of different types of batteries.
  • Battery Reviews
  • Battery Indepth Buying Guide
  • Battery Reconditioning – This is a major part of our website, and gives you tutorials on how to recondition various types of batteries, including car batteries, laptop batteries and many other popular types. This allows you to get the most performance possible out of your batteries, which is incredibly important.

Why Listen To Us?

We provide correct and up to date information, which includes regularly updating our site. This is a service many other websites fail to provide, and this can result in damaging your battery, which can be extremely dangerous and expensive. Therefore, all content on our website is researched carefully before publishing

We also provide a vast range of content, rather than simply focussing on one type of battery. This makes our content much more useful, and can be applied much more often in the real world. Therefore, for all of your battery needs – simply come to us!

Kenny Trueman

Kenny Trueman

Our main author, Kenny Trueman, fully manages this website and works with a few sub-authors, by having one main author, you can become accustomed to our style of writing, which makes all of our buying guides, and reviews and other various articles easy to read, meaning you can find the relevant content much more easily. This saves you precious time, after all – time is money, right?

What is BatteryAZ?

BatteryAZ is the latest, and most up to date online resource containing a huge amount of information about batteries. Our name is BatteryAZ, as we provide all information about batteries, from A to Z! Our main author,Kenny Trueman works endlessly to update this website to make sure it is as useful as possible for all of our visitors, like you!

Our main aim is to provide relevant content, so if there is any particular content you would like us to cover, or a particular battery you would like us to review – simply navigate to the menu on our website, and then click Contact Us.

You will be taken to our Contact Us page where you can fill in a small online form, with your name, email, subject and message. Once you have submitted this form it will send us an email with your request, where we will be able to reply to your request.

PLEASE NOTE: We may not reply to your email, however we will read all messages sent to us, and your suggested content may be covered if we deem it to be relevant.

Our Aims

BatteryAZ Goals

We have various aims with this website, which are listed below.


There isn’t a comprehensive website consisting of quality information regarding batteries online, that is reputable.We aim to fill this gap, by covering as much content as we possibly can while keeping the quality of our content as high as possible.

This results in you receiving quality content, all from the same website – which makes picking out useful snippets of information much easier.


Nobody should buy any battery without reading a reputable review first, whether it is a laptop battery, or a car battery. We cover a huge amount of brands, from the expensive premium brands, to the lower priced brands.

This allows you to find the right battery for you, and your needs. Not many people actually need a premium brand battery, and may be much happier investing less money in a cheaper branded battery, that is equally as good. Before wasting excess cash at your local retailer, why not check out our website to find the best deals online?

We promise you won’t be disappointed! Our reviews are 100% fair, and we will never publish paid reviews. This means you can rely on us to provide truthful content about batteries, whether it is good or bad news – you’ll hear it from us first.

Many other websites accept paid reviews from battery manufacturers, meaning the content will be biased – which at the end of the day isn’t useful for you, as you will not receive the quality and performance you were expecting, by reading our reviews you’ll know exactly what you will be getting before you purchase any battery.

Buying Guides

If you are totally unsure of your needs, and what you need from a battery; check out our buying guides. Our buying guides will outline the main features to look out for when purchasing a new battery, and also buying factors such as the batteries capacity – which may be important for a laptop battery, or a powerbank if you travel a lot.

At the end of each buying guide are our top picks of products from that particular category, whether it’s car batteries or laptop batteries.


Often, you won’t actually need to replace your battery. It may just need reconditioning, we provide comprehensive guides on how to recondition the most popular types of batteries, however if you contact us using our contact us form, we may be able to help you out if a particular guide is not featured on our website.

Reconditioning a battery can iron out any small problems you were experiencing with the battery, and increase the battery life/effective capacity of the battery. By doing this you will be rejuvenating the battery and bringing it back into its once former glory.

While all of the bullet points above are our aims, our main aim is to simply provide a quality, reputable online resource consisting of facts and quality information, which can allow you to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a battery.

If you notice any problems with our website, or would just like to contact us for another reason – please use the contact us form on the website and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.