How to recondition batteries

How to start a battery reconditioning business

battery reconditioning business

battery reconditioning business

Battery reconditioning business

With the emergence of new technology come new business opportunities. Technology has given us an abundance of business ideas and ventures that one can easily exploit and make nice part-time, if not full-time, income. One lucrative venture you can exploit for maximum profits, while helping to save our natural surroundings, is the battery reconditioning business.

Battery reconditioning is gradually becoming a popular business field as more and more people become eco-conscious and adopt cost-effective energy-saving ways of powering their cars and other domestic devices.

Almost everyone can benefit from having their batteries reconditioned rather than buy a new one. For instance, a new car battery costs between $70 and $80, while a reconditioned one costs around $35, meaning you can be offering your clients close to 50% savings when they buy from you.

Which customer wouldn’t love that? Keep in mind that you’ll also be helping to prevent more old batteries from ending up at the landfill and messing up with the environment. That is just for the car batteries. What if you could also restore batteries for many other devices including cell phones, laptops, golf carts, and solar panels? The profit potential for this business is huge.

The business at a glance

To be honest, this business of restoring old or dead batteries is not as easy as many think, but actually everything good comes with a little hard work. However, with the right resources and a few tools anyone can do it, and excel at it.

The business involves dissolving acid crystals that have built up on the battery’s lead plate. There are certain chemicals used to do this. Once the acid crystals have been cleared from the lead plates, the battery’s efficiency is restored. As stated, this process involves a little bit of hard and dirty work, but it really does pay in the end.

How to start the business  

Like every other business venture, there are a few obligatory steps you must take before you launch your battery reconditioning business. You’ll first need to get a good grasp of what the entire process entails.

Basically, you will be restoring old batteries from cars and other motorized devices such as golf carts and marine vessels, as well as batteries used in wheelchairs and surgical devices in hospitals. Your job will be to seek for old batteries, clean and restore them then reselling the batteries with a limited warranty.

You have a choice of restoring batteries for car owners at a fee too. The battery restoration industry is quite wide, although rarely well exploited.

Here are a few steps you need to take before you get started.

Find out more about the profit potential of this business

Auto mechanic checking car battery voltage

With a little passion you can go far. One thing we can say about this business is that its potential profits will get you really interested. You can contact someone who does it for a living or scour the web for more information.

Arm yourself with the relevant knowledge and skills

Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and resources will be of great advantage. There are very useful guides you can buy and study to get an easy start. You don’t need any certifications or formal qualifications to start a battery reconditioning business.

All you need are skills, knowledge, and a passion to provide high quality services to your clients. Some of the core skills you’ll need to learn include removing battery banks, measuring the charge capacity, restoring dead cells, and much more.

You can learn most of these skills in a matter of days if you have the right guides or a comprehensive course on this topic. Alternatively, you can decide to take the long route of finding a seasoned expert in the field and convincing him to teach you the ins and outs of the business.

how to recondition battery

Draw up a nice business plan

A business plan is an essential document in every business, battery reconditioning not exempted. Your business plan will describe the goals of your business, its objectives, an analysis of the market, financial aspects of the business, the strategies you’ll employ to market your products and services, your projected earnings, and any other relevant data about the business.

A business plan helps to keep you focused on your business and work even harder for its growth as time goes by.

Registration and other legal requirements

You’ll obviously need to register your business and fulfill all the legal requirements that are obligated to meet in your state. Register a relevant business name and get the necessary licenses. If you have never registered a business consult your local agency for more information about business registration requirements.

Get a nice location

search for location

The best thing about this business is that you can run it from your home. However, if you have young children, your home may not be the safest place to work on damaged or old batteries that have potentially harmful chemicals and gases. (1)

You can dedicate a safe place for the business within your compound, away from children and visitors, especially if you are starting out. If you can afford to lease a safe facility with electricity and other amenities, go ahead and start your business like you should.

Purchase all the necessary equipment

This business requires certain tools and equipment. You will need reconditioning chargers, hydrometers, electronic battery analyzers, drills, battery additives, and load testers just to mention a few. You’ll of course need furniture too.

Learn how to market your products and services

Ask every business owner what is the most challenging aspect of business today and they’ll tell you marketing. Take it from us, you won’t be the only one reconditioning batteries in your city, so find ways of rising above the competition and getting loyal clients. There are many strategies for reaching out to potential customers.      

Market your business

Having taken the previously discussed steps, it’s time to open your doors for business. You can adopt strategies for reaching out to potential customers, such as distributing business cards, handbills, and stickers, as well as advertising in local newspapers. You can also reach out to customers via the internet by advertising on online platforms often used by your target customers.


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